ever's latest...

i keep intending to catch up on the blog but ever keeps me very busy and the times i'm not tending to her needs i'm trying to catch up on other stuff.  i hope i figure out how to balance my time better soon.  some days it seems like things are getting so much easier then there are days like today when i am functioning on very little sleep and ever has had so many meltdowns.  over the weekend she was such a doll.  it was as if she really found her voice and was very excited about it.  she spoke her sweet baby language all day long.  we couldn't stop laughing about how vocal she was.  she's always been pretty expressive but recently she is taking it to another level and i adore her "talking".  i don't want to forget her cute quirks and eventful days so it's my goal to find time to document things on the blog a little more often.
taking pictures on my phone is the easier thing these days so here are a few of the most recent shots...
her "angelina lips" according to my mom.

ever's doctor seems to think she has a bit of acid reflux that could be causing her cranky outbursts so she prescribed this nasty medicine to see if it would help.  luckily i do notice a difference in her behavior.  if only the medicine tasted better.  i wanted to know why she puts up such a fight about taking it so i tasted the stuff......it's so nasty but it seems to be helping.  can you tell she isn't thrilled about her first prescription?

i remember one of the ultrasound pictures she was doing this same stink bug pose in the womb.
she liked it then and likes it now.

post meltdown one evening.

see how she's holding her duck toy?
her two car seat toys are absolute lifesavers.  she loves them.  
thanks for the duck aleasha!

uncle brandon doesn't do baby talk or really much talking at all to her but she still loves him.
she always seems fascinated by her uncle.  
she was laughing at him right before i took this picture on the 4th of july.

here she was showing of her patriotic kitty outfit on the 4th.

this is the face i get when i take her out of the bathtub.  she would stay in there all night if i let her.  sometimes when she is upset and nothing i try helps i give her a bath...even if she doesn't need one....and she is a happy girl.

we like to show her the moon.

yesterday we met bobbie and mia at starbucks...ever certainly stole the show with her cuteness.  mia loved her, bobbie loved her, and so did all the strangers.

she likes when her papa takes a break from work to stop in and say hi.

playing video games with uncle brandon is one of her new favorite things to do.

she is happy about getting fancy.

this picture and the rest that i took of her in her halloween costume over the weekend kill me.  so adorable i can barely stand it.  i laughed so hard at our baby bat.  she was acting extra cute when we tried this on her for fun.  
i hope it fits at halloween.

i call this evolution of a smile.  her smile kept getting bigger as i was snapping pictures like the crazy picture obsessed mom i am.  my phone has filled up several times since she was born, to the point where i can't take pictures unless i upload and delete the ones on there.  that never happened before i had her.  even after i upload them i have an irrational fear about deleting them from my phone.

she loves eating her hands and i actually caught her sucking her thumb for the first time yesterday which i thought was the most adorable thing in the world.

her smiles and giggles just get better as the days go on.


  1. I was just thinking that you were neglecting your blog :) She is just so precious! I love all the pictures! So glad she likes her duck! Dominic has a matching one on his car seat! Motherhood is a tough job but you are doing great! It will only get more rewarding!

  2. I love this post, for lots of reasons. I love everything about her cupcake hot air balloon outfit. I love that she's a bat baby. I've probably already told you, but I wanted to be a bat SOOOOO bad for Halloween when I was little, and never got to be. :( Which is why I made Paige be one a few years ago, before she was old enough to care, so I could live vicariously through her. Haha.


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