the 3 month old and her tricks

this sweet girl is 3 months old today.  
it was almost as if she knew she was about to reach that milestone age yesterday because she was all about showing off her latest tricks.
she was spending time in her bouncy seat and we saw her pull on the lion which makes songs play.  it was the first time she had done that and at first we thought it was just an accident but then she did it several more times.  you should have seen will and i.  we smiled and laughed and praised her like she had just done the most amazing thing because to us in that moment it was the most amazing thing.  later in the evening she was napping in her seat.  i was getting things done around the house when all the sudden i hear her seat singing.  i walked in the room to find her like this...
she had pulled on the lion again to let me know she was awake.
it was a much better way of letting me know than her usual alert.  
i couldn't get over her expressive eyes and tiny hand pulling on the toy.  
i was extra in love with her cute actions yesterday....like bubbling over with love for her.  

ever loves to be held and pretty much refuses to fall asleep without me trying all sorts of things.  it is usually quite the production.  she is also rarely content if left alone for more than 2 minutes to play.  i was in the middle of laundry when she was being fussy last night and i decided i would try putting her in the pack n play for a little alone time while i folded clothes next to her.  she talked and smiled and rolled around in there for about 20 minutes which was a miracle.  i decided to turn on the monitor and let her stay in there while i did a few things in the kitchen since she was so content.  after a little bit she got really quiet so i went to check on her and for the first time since she was born she had fallen asleep on her own.  i felt like i had won the lottery or something.
i really love this feisty 3 month old way too much!

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  1. It's clear that Ebser is a genius...she wants to speed things up, and get out of that baby body :)


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