new story...old pictures

so yesterday ever was on my lap and i was eating edamame.  i swallowed a piece wrong and started coughing really hard.  my eyes were watering as i kept coughing and clearing my throat.  ever had a funny reaction to my nonstop coughing.  she cracked up!  it was about a month ago that we heard her very first giggle and since then she has laughed more and more but this was an all out cracking up laugh like never before.  the more i coughed the more she laughed.  too bad i wasn't able to record her because it was hilarious.  my mom says ever laughing at my pain is payback since i have a bad habit of laughing at people when they trip or fall or anything like that. i guess she is just like me.  
later in the night as i was getting her ready for bed i started coughing and clearing my throat for fun to see what her reaction would be.  i didn't think she would laugh again but she totally did and i recorded it.  her laughter wasn't quite as boisterous as it was when the real deal was happening but it was still so cute.  i'll have to get the video on here soon.   

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  1. That is funny! There is nothing better than the big belly type baby laughs! She is such a little darling!


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