the 5 day weekend

she woke up in the grocery store and seemed very confused.

one of my new favorite pictures.

giving morning smiles and love to the 30 year old we adore.

being cranky with my 80 year old gramps.
 ever seems to be thinking.....is that cotton candy a monster?  umm yes i'm pretty sure it is.
we had a 5 day weekend.  will's 30th birthday was on wednesday...it was also my grandpa's 80th birthday.  
will had taken 3 days off work and it was wonderful to have him home with us.  we planned on going out of town to celebrate his special day and mine too from back in may, but ever is still unpredictable and we decided a road trip might not be so fun with her.  i call her my ticking time bomb.  she can go from fine to very angry in about 2 seconds without any kind of warning so outings with her are a tad stressful.  our long weekend was a time to relax, be with family from in town and out of town while celebrating 80 years of gramps, and a time to run errands that are too hard to do when it is just ever and i.  i was also extremely glad that will was so selfless on his special day because he sent me off for a hair appointment then saturday he watched ever while i went out with a big group of family to see brave for the second time.  the short film before brave.... la luna....pictured above...was so magical.  the first time i saw it i was completely amazed with how adorable it was so i loved seeing that again and of course seeing brave again was wonderful too especially with my mom and everyone else that had not seen it yet.  if only we could have 5 day weekends more often.  

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  1. I loved seeing Brave with you, and it was funny how we could relate to some of it :) Now we know that my wilma and snake-ness is part of my heritage :) "Feast your eyes" is still the best quote of the movie.


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