tiny in many ways except one

once upon a time.....ever was tiny.
her cry was tiny.
her body was tiny.
but her personality....it has never been tiny.
this video was taken at about 3 weeks old.
she was trying to crawl way back then.

this video was taken at about 4 weeks old.
that growling/crying thing....
she still does it but it is much louder and intense.  
in fact she's been doing a growling, gargling, crying,
scratching, thrashing combination lately that is quite maddening and hilarious at the same time.
it tends to happen late at night or before a nap when she is really tired but not ready to give up the fight and go to sleep.
we really love our wild animal so much.  it amazes me when i look back at these videos and see she had that feisty thing about her even then.

p.s. i miss her being tiny so much it actually hurts.  i don't think i was able to fully understand or appreciate that time of her life and now....i miss it something fierce.  


  1. The only thing that has changed is that she has gotten bigger...we just didn't understand her. :)

  2. oh, I so miss the tiny baby stage. she is just precious. i want to kiss her little sweet baby cheeks :)


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