a different costume and fascinating legs

some people may find this video a little boring since it is a minute worth of ever being amazed by her legs and kicking them.  i especially love around the 40 second mark when she looks up at me and gives the greatest smile.  she is very generous with those smiles lately and i love it.  since i think every single thing ever does is captivating....i love this video.  
we took this last thursday when i was trying halloween related items on her and brainstorming her costume since the bat one most definitely is a no go....too small.  i still plan on putting her in the bat costume and having a photo shoot in the coming days as we finish decorating for halloween.  it'll be fun for that but now i'm even more excited about her new costume.  i'm so tempted to post a picture but i don't want to spoil the fun so you'll see later.


  1. I'm sad her bat costume won't fit. I can't wait for pictures of your decorating, and especially her new costume! Oh, and thanks for the comment about my bat. I'm glad you like him! I have a mummy, a ghost, and black cat in the works too!

  2. There is NOTHING boring about this...I love it :)

  3. I love that video! she is just so cute!


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