a little bit about our weekend

our weekend went a little something like this.....
oh and if you follow me on instagram (skyewe) you'll see just how lame i am because i'm using pictures from there since i rarely carry around the camera anymore.
we did lots of relaxing when we should have been catching up on laundry and chores around the house...

we went hiking at our usual spot....
ever has a love/hate relationship with her carrier.  sometimes she'll relax in there and take a power nap which she did a couple times on our long hike but most of the time she is squirming and yelling to get out.  we all took turns holding her to save one another from extreme exhaustion during all the miles.
she really enjoyed when will held her like this because she felt the most free.

i was overjoyed that i saw and caught a horny toad.  
i'm like the horny toad whisperer.  
i always spot them on the hikes and although they run fast i can usually catch them.  
i really fell in love with this little guy and contemplated sneaking him home in my backpack.

at approximately 1 in the morning when ever was wide awake will made the observation that she resembles a glow worm.  i remember wanting one of those toys so bad when i was a kid.  in fact if i remember correctly my cousin lisa had one and she let me play with it and take it to bed with me one time when we stayed the night.  well now i'm lucky enough to have my own real life version.
not so related to our weekend but worth mentioning....
on thursday i had a much needed hair appointment.  nobody really told me about postpartum hair loss but i've been dealing with it big time.  i've always had rather thick hair and it's been long most of my life.  my hair was super long and luxuriously thick while i was pregnant.  i loved how it looked.  now my hair falls out so much i've wondered if i'll go bald.  i was feeling pretty sad about how thin and unhealthy my hair was looking so i decided cutting about 7 inches off was the only way to go.  i do have moments where i miss my long locks but this is nice for now too and at least i don't look so bald.  


  1. First of all, that last hiking picture of Ever is rocking my world, with her arms out and the sunbeams all around her. :) Your hair looks lovely!

  2. glow worm!

    and yeah i've just started hearing about postpartum hair loss :( although this whole post i found cracks me up: http://www.pregnantchicken.com/pregnant-chicken-blog/2010/9/23/happily-after-giving-birth-10-things-they-dont-tell-you.html

    she mentions hair loss in #5:
    "Your hair might fall out. I know. Don't you feel pretty now? So here you are all post partum and doughy and to add insult to injury you might start losing some of your hair. Here you were all excited about your luscious locks while you were pregnant, well, sorry Cinderella but the party is over and the hair fairy wants her glass slippers back. This is one of those wonderful hormone side effects that can come with giving birth. At least there will be less to worry about when pulling your hair up into your new-mom crack-ponytail."

    - lisa


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