ever the 8 month old

today ever is eight months old.  
enjoy these pictures of her mostly running (crawling) away from me.

i thought ever would be all about attacking the christmas tree but for right now she could basically care less about it.  she looks at it and seems to admire the colorful lights but she hasn't tried to pull it down or eat it like i thought she might.  ever has spent the last couple weeks perfecting standing up.  she pulls herself up in her crib and playpen.  she is constantly standing up holding on to the wall or chairs.  she seems to think this new trick is just about the coolest thing.  i'm surprised at how well she handles the minor injuries that go along with standing up.  she might cry a tiny bit when she tips over and bumps her head but for the most part she is really tough.  i've been reading in my baby book and it seems ever hits all the milestones just about the same time as i did...some even a little sooner.  she is extra funny these days as that intense personality of hers comes out more and more.  we are so happy to have this delightful little lady in our home.  


  1. Ebs loves the camera, and the camera loves Ebs. I can't get over how expressive and gorgeous she is. I love this little girl more than I can explain!

  2. Can't believe she is crawling! The time is going so quickly! She is precious! Love the pictures! Happy 8 months beautiful Ever!


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