ever's thoughts on 2012 and resolutions

hi everyone...it's me ever.  i would just like to say that 2012 was a great year because i came into the world and graced everyone with my presence.  
i decided i had to celebrate today by wearing a dress and being extra cranky.  don't let these pictures fool you...i have kind of been a bear.
i blame my top teeth that are still very close to making an appearance.
besides being cranky i've been super funny making all sorts of noises.
i've also mastered the art of giving kisses but i don't give them freely and they aren't the open mouth slobbery ones that most babies give....my kisses are sophisticated and you really have to earn them.  my mama earned a bunch today and i just gave her about twenty.  she seems to think they are just about the most wonderful and cute thing.  i gave papa a couple but he didn't earn as many as mama and his face is scratchy.

so here's my range of emotions this evening in pictures....   

oh and i learned another cool trick today.  i'll have to have mama tell you about it next time and show you a picture.  if you follow her on instagram (skyewe) you already know.

my resolutions are:
to be less cranky
to sleep more
to eat more
to have less poopsplosions

i'm sure i'll be up to see the new year...i might even stay up until 1am because this night owl loves to party.  
see you soon 2013

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  1. Ever has the best writing skills...she looks beautiful in her dress, and I love her little bird mouth :)


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