the house is a disaster and there are many things to be done but i'd rather blog since ever is napping and i have a few minutes to myself.  let's talk about ever and sleep before i move on to discuss christmas festivities.      this little lady of ours is so confusing.  when we were at a dear friends going away party over the weekend (don't move aleasha) we were talking about babies and so the question came up about when we were going to have another one.  will jokingly said something like....once ever sleeps through the night we will have another one.  she is soon to be 9 months and had yet to sleep through the night.  she has never been a big fan of sleep like most babies are.  she still takes power naps versus the usual hour or more naps that most babies take.  maybe ever is trying to tell us something though because that night she slept through the night something fierce.  i think it was over 9 hours!  i was so thrilled!  finally!  we couldn't stop laughing about how she finally slept like that and how she must want a brother or sister.  i guess she changed her mind though because she is back to her usual shenanigans but worse.  i don't know if ever was excited about christmas or what but the night before christmas she barely slept.  i felt like i was up with her a thousand times.  and last night wasn't so hot either...i'm currently running on about 3 hours sleep because sometimes after being up with her i have a hard time falling back to sleep.  i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she goes back to her sleeping through the night because that was heavenly, not because we want another baby.  i mean we do want another one but certainly not yet.  ever is too much of a funny smart handful.

this is what she was doing instead of sleeping on christmas eve.  you can't see anything but you can hear her talking.  it was so cute but after about an hour of it i was just wanting her to settle down.  
she makes us laugh so much on a daily basis.


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  1. Still so grateful you were there Skye! And loved the treats you brought! Ever us such a little darling, can't wait to see the next little one :)


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