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within 24 hours i sold 3 of these and had a couple people asking for more...
{lunar harmony}
i was overwhelmed by the response to my shop last week.  it is one of the most exciting feelings to have people love something that i have made.
all of the love i felt from selling my art last week made me feel extra inspired to come up with some new pieces.  for those of you who loved lunar harmony but didn't get a chance to buy one before they all sold there is now one in the shop but it may not last long so if it speaks to you....go buy it.

i have always been a big fan of the nautical theme and i know i'm not the only one...so if the nautical theme tickles your fancy you might want to take a peek at these that i just added to the shop.

thank you for your support and beautiful words of encouragement.  
it means the world to me.

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