ever's thoughts on snow and such

hey everyone...it's me, ever.
i want to tell you a couple stories about scary things and not so scary things.  
for starters i experienced my first cold  last week and it's still kind of bothering me this week but not as bad.  i was not very nice to mama because i didn't feel good.  then i made her not feel good by passing it on to her.  
she still took good care of me and realized that sometimes all i wanted was to be left alone with a blankie or toy in hand and watch brave.  i am obsessed with that movie and when i wasn't feeling so hot watching it helped. 
i'm glad my mama finally knows how to understand what i want even if i can't tell her.
i enjoyed extra papa snuggles while i was feeling yucky.  there is just something about my papa that is very comforting and he seems to have magic powers that make me sleepy.
sometimes i really like to lie down and enjoy a good book.  in fact books are one of my most favorite toys.
when i was feeling a bit more spunky i contemplated opening my presents under the tree.  i took my favorite ornaments off the tree as well.
when i was doing these things i knew i shouldn't be so that is why i have a nervous look on my face.
these are a couple of my favorite new paintings that mama has done.  i tried to help her with them but i don't think she appreciated my help. 

over the weekend i started to hold my own bottle like a boss.  i only do it when i really want to.  little do my parents know i've been able to do this for a long time but i was just making them do it for me out of pure laziness.
this little doll was supposed to be a christmas present but when mama got the package from the mail and i saw this....i could hardly contain my excitement so...i got it early.  it is my favorite snuggle buddy.  i sometimes kiss it.  i love running my finger over all the different textures of fabric.  
saturday my parents took me out to yaya's house to play in the snow.  all i know about snow is that it was wet and cold and foreign to me.  i was just very unsure about my entire first snow experience.  it could have been because i needed a nap but i'm not sure.  
mama thinks this is the most adorable picture.  she is always making a big deal about my pouty face.  

the only thing that was good about my snow trip was spending time with my favorite dogs...especially mascara..i really love her and she really loves me.

sunday night i was crawling around in the room with my parents and all the sudden i coughed and threw up on the floor.  mama thought it was because of my cold but papa thought maybe i put something in my mouth. papa was right.  usually i don't put paper or anything like that in my mouth but i decided to be adventurous and stick this shiny corner of a wrapper in my mouth.  then i kind of choked on it and after throwing up for a second time i realized it wasn't a good idea at all.  luckily the second time i threw up the wrapper came out and all was well.  mama doesn't know how i found this or where i found it since she had just vacuumed the night before and it didn't resemble anything from our house but i'm sneaky and tricky....i think she is starting to catch on to that fact.  i really scared my parents with that wrapper incident and i actually scared myself too so i doubt i'll try anything like that again.  
oh and here is what i swallowed.  i kind of laughed when i saw mama pick it out of my vomit and wash it off.  

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  1. I love reading Ever's perspective :) She totally looks like the Gerber baby...only cuter. Ebs is a unique, smart, funny, gorgeous baby, and she is MY grand baby!


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