to and from book

a long time ago my mom started a tradition where she would put funny things on the to and from tag of our christmas gifts.  for example she might put that the gift was from a favorite celebrity of ours or something like that.  i carried over the tradition after will and i got married.  that first christmas of ours i ended up keeping the tags from our gifts because some of the things we wrote were so cute or funny.  oddly enough they ended up being stashed in a yahtzee box because we got that game for christmas.  the next year they ended up with the gift wrapping supplies.  i always wanted a better way to keep our tags so this year i made a book to keep them in.  i used craft/scrapbook supplies i already had and a plain journal type notebook that was empty just waiting for a cute project.  
this is the result of my craftiness..... 
i wrote a little blurb about each year then taped the corresponding gift tags in.  

this will be so fun to look back on and it's much better to have each year organized and in one spot.


  1. I love this book...so cool to have and look back at and reminisce. I can't believe I started a tradition...I just couldn't afford to buy name tags, so I used the wrapping paper...and then got creative to make it more fun...I love this post, it makes me smile :)

  2. I love your book! It's so cute! And I love your idea of saving all the tags. Thanks to your mom I started this tradition many years ago with my kids and they all love it. Now I just need my own book to save the name tags in so that I could look back and reminisce.


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