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i hate when i get so behind on blogging because then i can't remember what happened and there is too much to share without it seeming like a big old mess of topics.  oh well...here is the latest as best as i remember and to make it easy i'll be ridiculous/funny and put next subject above each new topic.

first subject....
ever is now the queen of standing up and crawling and bumping her head.  
all of her adventurous endeavors lead to bumps and a some tears but she's actually very tough.
she is also very adventurous.  i can't turn my head for a second without her getting into some sort of trouble.
she loves to stand up holding on to her pack n play, chairs, her crib, the wall, and my legs.  

here she is showing off her trick of crawling over the bottom of my easel without getting hurt.

next subject...
i had recently made a painting for the sweet micaela.
a few days after i sent it to her she sent me this wonderful happy mail.  
leg warmers for ever and the sweetest note.  
i love meeting wonderful people like her through blogland.

next subject.....
ever thinks are christmas tree is pretty neat.  

she still hasn't been destructive with it at all.

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one of ever's favorite things these days is cuddling up with her papa to watch brave.  i pretty much have the entire movie memorized because it is her always on.  i never thought an 8 month old would care about watching a movie but if i turn it on she goes to another world.  she is so focused especially when she watches it from her papa's lap....then she usually takes a nap with him like this.

next subject.....
i saw these shelves on this blog.
i asked will if he could make me some for christmas.  because of a very helpful person he was able to make a whole bunch really fast and easily.  i painted these and added some of the trinkets that were lying around the house.  i think they are perfect for all the little things you want to display.  

next subject.....
a couple weeks ago my friend brandi left this sweet ornament she made on my doorstep.  she thought she was being tricky because she said she was leaving something for my mom but there was also something for me.  i'm the best trickster because when she went to drop it off i left her a painting she really wanted along with a note....and her response is in my hand there. 

next subject....
i have been a painting machine lately.  the shop is going to be stocked with all sorts of beauties like these very soon.

next subject....
this is one of the many faces ever makes when we brush her teeth.
and this is her face when i get in her way while she is watching brave.
and this is her serious face

next subject....
saturday we went antique shopping and we went to pick out ever's first christmas ornament.  that ornament turned into 6 ornaments.  one for me one for will and 4 that ever loved.  two of which were jingle and one bell....the cute little huskies that she adores because of my moms dogs.

next subject...
i love this big metal antique e we just got.....i've noticed i'm drawn to the letter e because of my ever.

next subject.....
basically every single time ever wears her panda jacket i almost die because she looks so cute and then i take tons of pictures.

she sits up like a big girl in the stroller now and quite likes it.  
she loves being in control....holding on to the cup holders like this....will says she gets her control freak thing from me and he is right.

next subject....
the event i've dreaded since she was born finally happened.  
a couple days ago i noticed ever seemed to be getting sick but i was hoping it was just teething.  our sweet girl caught her first cold.  a couple nights in a row we got barely any sleep.  last night she slept better thank goodness because i was about to lose my mind being so sleep deprived.  it is so sad to see her not feel well. it breaks my heart.  she seems to find the most comfort from her papa the last couple nights and it is pretty much the cutest thing in the world.  here's hoping this cold is very short lived and here's hoping i blog on a more regular basis so it isn't like this.


  1. awww <3 i love your little updates!

    i have been meaning to blog about our beautiful original painting and promise to do so at some point because art like that (along with a the sweetest note) should be shared. It really is gorgeous!

    When I think of pretty Ever, I think of harijuku ;) and leg warmers. She had to have some festive ones for her first Christmas. I so love her style! that sweater she is wearing while sleeping on her papa with her arm up is ADORABLE!

    Isn't it sweet the love affair you have with the first letter of your child's name? What a great find on that antique metal letter. Oh to go thrifting with you!

    you and your friends are the cutest, leaving presents for each other.

    ps. yes on the shelves-- best way to display trinkets for sure! even better that your husband made them for you <3

  2. Next subject...Ever loves her Yaya...you can see it in her gorgeous blue eyes. Her Yaya loves her too, and especially her good taste in ornaments. I know that "very helpful person" and he is willing to help with more :)


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