church at nap time

as we went to church on sunday i was concerned that maybe ever would be really naughty because it was nap time for her and she wasn't so thrilled about me getting her all fancied up.  luckily she was such an angel.  she thought everyone was singing just for her.  she loved the music...always a big fan of music.  then when she got extra tired and squirmy and i was preparing myself for getting up and walking her around she sweetly put her head down on my shoulder and fell asleep for the remainder of church. 

notice that mischievous little grin of hers....
oh how i love her.

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  1. Ever, really was such a doll at church, she was so good and slept and she was dressed liked she was going to the Oscars. Ebs really did think that the music and singer was just for her. :)


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