crying over a book & burnt potatoes

here are a couple stories for you....

  a few days before christmas i was with my mom and ever doing a tiny bit of shopping for stocking stuffers.  we go into hastings and i'm immediately drawn to this book on a big display table that was front and center of the store.  typically i don't cry easily and i really hate to cry in front of people but since ever was born i find that i cry very easily....i still don't like to do it in front of anyone....except for maybe will because he is a major marshmallow now too.  
so i start reading the book and almost instantly i have tears in my eyes.  my mom was reading along with me...she doesn't cry easily either and hates to do it in front of people.  in my head i'm thinking...knock it off.  stop being so emotional but when i got to the last page of the book it was all over for me.  i had tears running down my face and i was so embarrassed that i ran to an aisle that wasn't busy so i wouldn't be seen crying.  i turn around and my mom is right behind me with tears in her eyes as well.  we saw how emotional we were being and just cracked up.  we were laughing so hard and then wiping laugh tears from our eyes.  

i'm guessing most parents would cry over this book or maybe i'm just the most sensitive person in the world now.
so i bought the book of course because ever is in love with books and this one describes our relationship quite well.  both will and i wrote a sweet note to her in it.  

on to the next story...
luckily no crying happened here.
as mentioned in the previous post will worked on christmas so when he got home in the afternoon i felt like i was kind of rushing to get everything done.  i was cooking us a small uncomplicated dinner while we opened presents with ever and then my mom shows up.  between all of the excitement of presents and several things going on at once i ended up burning the potatoes.  they were just boiling in water to make mashed potatoes and i had no idea they could burn like that.  i guess i underestimated how long i was really away from them.  the smell was awful.  i tried to salvage what i could but they tasted terrible.  will didn't think they were so bad.  i was so bummed i kind of ruined our little christmas dinner but in the end it wasn't a big deal at all.  
i think i ruined the pot too.  i have tried just about everything and can't seem to get it clean.  so just to let you know...don't leave potatoes boiling unattended too long or you end up with a big stinky mess.


  1. I loved that book...anyone would probably cry especially when they get to the last page. I wanna see what you guys wrote in it. The potatoes were disgusting, but that was my fault :( I can't believe that Will and Kit ate them...ewwww.

  2. Hey! I cry over kids books, all. the. time. I am such a boob! Anyways, there is a great cleaner that gets anything off of anything. It's called, Bar Cleaners Friend" or something like that. I will go find a picture and email it to you! Love you Skye. Have a great New Years!

  3. So sweet. I have the one called You are my I love you. I love finding sweet books to read to jet someday when he actually cares to listen to me :)


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