family pictures and a little about thanksgiving

when my friend camille mentioned taking family pictures of us i was really happy.  i wanted family pictures for christmas cards but never really thought much about making it happen and then magically camille made it all come together so easy and perfect.  
thank you camille!
usually i say i don't want to share the pictures before christmas cards are sent out as to not ruin the surprise but if i don't share them now i might forget later.  those of you that get a card i'm sure it will still be plenty surprising.  let me start by saying how much i love these pictures and how it is almost impossible to not post every single one....so basically you are seeing most of them.  then i have to say that the witter's are some of our favorite people which made this photo shoot extra fun because we got to spend time with them afterwards.  they made our night for several reasons.  a friendship that started lots of years ago between two wild little boys has turned into a friendship between two families of three.  one of my favorite things is hearing the tales of will and chris when they were kids.....they were crazy.  i also love how ever seriously knows what to do in front of a camera.  she is so good at smiling and being cute when a camera is pointed her direction...probably because i'm always taking so many pictures of her.  she was adorable during our photo shoot.     

i'm basically in love with these pictures of ever...

the face she is making in this one....oh i love it!

when thanksgiving was over i realized i didn't take a single picture.....i was pretty bummed about it since it was ever's first thanksgiving and i'm all about documenting all of her firsts.  our thanksgiving looked like this....will worked.  i was busy cooking and taking care of ever most of the day.  when will got home from work we ate the small meal i prepared then rushed out the door to spend the evening with family playing games and such.
since these pictures were taken the day after thanksgiving we can just go ahead and let them count as her first thanksgiving pictures.


  1. I LOVE them! What an amazingly beautiful family you have! Ever is a little super model. Can't wait to see the Christmas card.

  2. Skye, these are BEAUTIFUL! I love them all but that 4th one has to be my favorite! How you and Will are looking at each other with so much love (he always says the cutest/sweetest things to you on intsgram btw) and Ever's expression at the camera is like, ya I know i'm lucky to have them for parents :) Ever did perfect!

    Camille did perfect capturing your sweet family. These should def be counted as your Thanksgiving photos. Love them!

  3. They're AWESOME! My favorite is the one of you and Ever looking at each other!

  4. I LOVE these Skye Lee!! You guys all look great and you especially look so gorgeous! As usual...

  5. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  6. You are a magical family with magical pictures...love you, Will, and magical Ever :)

  7. Such cute photos ;) great looking family!! Good job Camille!!


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