papa's sidekick, new pajamas, and a painting

here we have recent pictures and stories from the weekend...
lately i've been finding ever sleeping like this with her little hands tucked under her and i think it is pretty much adorable.

friday night we put ever in her cute new fox pajamas before we left for a date.  
i took about 15 pictures of her posing in them because she looked adorable.

so glad my mom watched ever two times in a row so we were able to get out together.  first to vegas for the day on thursday and then friday night we went to the movies and saw wreck it ralph (we loved the movie by the way).
i think it's the best that we pick an animated film over anything else when given a chance. 
yet another reason i know will is perfect for me.  
our anniversary is coming up this week and my mom has lots going on so that is why we went ahead and celebrated early.  
3 years of marriage....pretty fantastic. 

multiple times during the weekend i caught ever cuddled up with her papa or being his sidekick.....it makes me smile.

we are still baffled by ever's big feet.  she didn't get those from either of us.  
i have been enjoying how much she sticks out her tongue lately.  
she's been doing all sorts of funny things with her mouth which i think is in large part due to teething.  those top teeth are trying to come through.  all of her mouth tricks are funny but her increased crankiness and sleeplessness from teething are not fun at all.  last night was awful for us sleep wise.  

will gave me one early anniversary present because i wouldn't stop pestering him.  this was how he wrapped it.  i was rather impressed.

i love to cook but don't always have the time or energy for it these days.  usually on the weekends i have a little extra time to spend in the kitchen and that is enjoyable.  i made up this random dish that we ended up having for dinner saturday and sunday.  basically it is quinoa, oven roasted zucchini, cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and spices.
i also baked my special chocolate chip cookies.  4 batches over the course of the last few days.  on halloween we delivered some to will's work, my mom, and then we took some to the halloween party we attended. 

i spoil ever by riding in the back seat with her as often as possible.  it is a win win situation though.  she doesn't get fussy in the car and i'm almost guaranteed to get her to take a bottle without a fight when we are in the car.  i loved how she fell asleep clutching my hand with both of hers.  
i don't know what it is about grocery shopping that makes me go extra crazy with the camera.  maybe it was her cute new pajamas combined with the fact that she just woke up from a nap.....or maybe i'm just always obsessed but i took so many pictures of ever while we were at the store.  i love her expression in all of them so i'm posting most of them.  i guess if anyone hates repetitious pictures of a certain baby they will hate my blog...oh well.

my mom got ever these bee pajamas and we love them so yesterday we took a couple pictures to document the cuteness of the bee butt.  

lastly...i haven't painted in over a year.  basically last august when i was first pregnant i felt tired and sick so painting went by the wayside.  i picked up a paintbrush once during my pregnancy for this but other than that i just felt like i lost my creative spark.  i remember thinking of a couple things i wanted to paint near the end of my pregnancy but i didn't take the time to do it.  i thought i'd have plenty of time with a newborn to do those sorts of things since my mom said she got bored at times staying home with me as a baby.  little did i know i'd have the wildest baby possible who would keep me very busy.  anyway when i saw the lorax i knew i wanted to paint the truffula trees from the movie and yesterday i finally did.  
it felt so good to paint again.....to be excited by it and feel creative.  i had lots of interruptions but i still finished it and now all i want to do is paint.  i usually paint on canvas but this was actually painted on wood.  we had a monster of a desk in our office that is now the office/art room.  will took it apart so we could use the space better and this painting is now part of the desk.  our office has been in need of a makeover for quite some time.  i've slowly been putting things together in there to make for a more beautiful inspiring space.  hopefully before the end of the year we will have transformed it into the best room that inspires me to be more creative.   


  1. I love your painting! You're so talented. And of course, Ever is just the cutest. I love her fox hat.

  2. I love your repetitious baby pictures! And I love your painting and the way you have displayed it!

  3. mmm that veggie quinoa dish looks awesome. and ever is adorable as always :)


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