this day...11 years ago and now.

today marks 11 years since my dad was relocated to heaven.  i spent most of the day with my two favorite ladies....ever and my mom.  let me tell you this day was so very much better than it was 11 years ago.  i reflected on that time and let myself feel those sad feelings for a few minutes then i focused on the happy things going on in my life right now for the remainder of the day.  us girls spent our day shopping at target (we laughed a bunch) then we came home to will and watched brave.  i was so happy that movie came out today.  ever was mesmerized by the short film la luna at the beginning of brave.  she couldn't take her eyes off the tv and i thought it was simply adorable.  i am absolutely in love with that short film and it seems ever finds it just as fascinating.  i adore that we both love it....and will does too.       

she stayed interested in brave for a few minutes then decided there were many more important things to do than sit around and watch a movie.  
i wish my dad could physically be here for moments like these.  
i miss him all of the time but somehow ever seems to take away much of that heartache.
she is a special little lady that i love deeply.
oh and my mom....i really love her too.  


  1. :( You're dad is such an amazing person. I am sure he is looking down at those special moments. I love you!! And I really love your mom too! :)

    1. I love you Angela, and will never forget your love and support...you are an angel.

  2. It was a wonderful day, and so much better than 11 years ago, however I wouldn't trade having you with me during that time for anyone else in the entire world. I love you and your beautiful family :)


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