the seven month old

ever is seven months old today.  
taking pictures of her gets increasingly hard now that she moves around so much.  she kept scooting away, bumped her head on the wall, then got stuck under the chair all within 15 minutes of me photographing her.  i'm not going to apologize for posting lots and lots of similar pictures because in case you haven't already noticed i can't help myself from doing that when it comes to ever.  she is after all the center of our universe and we are slightly obsessed with her.  i can't think of too many facts about her that i haven't already recently shared.  she impresses me every day with her skills and knowledge.  i will however post a little story at the bottom about the way ever welcomed me home last night.

yesterday my mom watched ever while will and i went to vegas.  we spent the day shopping and enjoying dinner out sans baby.  this was the longest time i was away from her since she was born.  i felt really sad when we first left the house and i fought back tears.  as we drove to vegas i kept thinking of ways to rush through our day and get home to the wild little lady quicker.  i knew ever was in good hands....when we aren't with her my mom is the one i trust most.  my mom knows all of ever's quirks and they really love each other.  as the day went on i really enjoyed being with just will.  i realized how needed that break truly was.  will and i talked about ever the whole time and we had more fun shopping for her than ourselves.  i was thrilled to get home to her and the bonus was walking into a clean house thanks to my mom.  nothing better than coming home to a yummy smelling house and happy baby.  my mom warned me that ever was really bad about taking her bottle, which came as no surprise.  she is bad about taking it from me but i seem to have the most luck with feeding her out of anyone.  i wish i could exclusively nurse her but it was never in the cards for us.  i still do what i can but sadly formula is a big part of our routine.  once ever settled down she began chugging ounce after ounce of formula as the 3 of us relaxed on the couch together.  next thing i know ever gives me a welcome home present i wasn't expecting.  without any warning after chugging a couple bottles she gags and projectile vomits all over me and the couch.  it was so sad because she seemed frightened by what was happening to her little body.  i just sat there in shock.  i honestly didn't know what to do considering i was covered in vomit.  i started to worry that she had come down with a stomach bug and the thought terrified me.  it turns out she just ate too much all at once.  i hated watching her throw up...she looked so sad.  i never want it to happen again but i'm sure that is the first of many times.    

thanks for the welcome home present ever.  maybe that was your way of saying you didn't appreciate being left behind.  


  1. Ever was missing her comfort...her Mommy :) The "talk to the hand" picture is my favorite!

  2. I love the pictures! She is a beautiful baby :)

  3. aww, she looks like she is growing into such a cute little person.


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