halloween with the baby bat

ever's first halloween went a little like this...
basically the pictures can do the talking but i'll give you a quick rundown.  the minute i put her costume on she had an absolute fit and cried like i was torturing her.  i had made a cute little houndstooth bow that was attached to her sweet bat costume but it kept flopping over and since i couldn't get a picture of her before we left the house due to the screams i wasn't about to try to mess with the bow, so that came off which resulted in her being mistaken for a boy several times during the night.  i managed to calm her down before we got to the church for trunk or treating but this was her expression the entire time there....  

she even punched me to prove how unhappy she was

my mom was with us at the trunk or treat too.  
she even wore a costume to be cool like ever.

if eating my hair made her happy i was fine with it.

the second half of the evening we spent at the jacobs halloween party.  
brandi always puts together a fun party and this was our second year to hang out at their house.
it was fun to see everyone and spend time with them.
luckily ever was in a way better mood for the second half of the night.

so i went crazy with the camera but what else do you expect for ever's first halloween?
i hope your night was happy too!

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