a day at the park

yesterday i met my friends aleasha and abby along with their little ones at the park for a play date.  it was the first of hopefully many gatherings like this.  i really enjoyed watching the littles interact plus having some adult conversation during the day was nice.  
ever smiled and "talked" to all the children but she seemed to be smitten with the youngest of the group.
she was very gentle and sweet with him....it melted my heart.

sights like these filled my heart with happiness.

spending the day with these other moms and adorable children left me with a reminder of how amazing this journey of motherhood is. we discussed the hard parts and the exhausting times, but right along with it was the discussion of the magical moments.
it was a great day to be a mom and a friend.

this was the result of our fun day....exhaustion.  
oh and you might as well give me the mother of the year award because while i thought i was doing a great job at shielding ever from the sun i noticed last night she got a little too much sun on her ear and head.  there is a tan line from where her bow was. 

after we all went our separate ways we continued our conversations via group text.
it was fun to talk about what we were all cooking for dinner or how many laundry piles got put away.
as aleasha said...
"it seems so grown up and house wife/soccer momish."
that it does aleasha....and i love it.


  1. I remember discussions of future play dates well before these beautiful littles were here! Our first one was wonderful! I love your sweet baby girl and am so excited we get to share mommyhood stories. I love this post because it will always be a special memory for me. Can't wait for our next get together!

  2. PS. she never even looked red. you are doing a great job, don't beat yourself up! All of us moms have stories...you already know mine :(


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