last week according to ever

ever decided it is her turn to discuss the latest.  
so here is her take on the events of the week....

tuesday i had to be in my car seat for much longer than i found acceptable.  my parents went to this place called las vegas to get my papa a new car.  
i decided i'd be a good girl on the way there since mama rode in the back seat with me and then for the first couple hours in vegas i was cute, funny, and stealing the hearts of every person i came in contact with.
first i'll show you my papa's new car then we can talk a bit more about our trip.  
they say this thing is called a fiat and since everyone seems to think it is so cute and wonderful i guess i'll think the same except i'm none too happy that my car seat doesn't fit so well in there.  i have yet to ride in the new car.  only sitting in it is kind of lame in my opinion.

my mom didn't have time to go shopping at anthropologie and since that was the main reason she was happy about going to vegas she wasn't so thrilled by the end of the night.  i guess i decided to be irritated like her because she is my favorite person to copy.  
we went to dinner at a place called the cheesecake factory.  i really liked that place and hopefully my parents decide to take me back there once i can actually eat what is on the menu.  i stayed in a good mood until the cheesecake got to the table, then i began to throw a fit because i saw that cheesecakey deliciousness and knew i could not partake.  mom got real embarrassed by my screams.  dad had to walk me around while mom scrambled to get the bill paid and have the chocolatey goodness i could not partake of boxed up to go.  
on the way home i rode with mama in our car while papa drove his new little car.  i made our trip home pretty awful because i screamed for at least 30 minutes straight.  maybe that'll teach mama she can only ride in the back seat next to me rather than drive.

wednesday we relaxed around the house.  i was a real handful which meant my mama couldn't get much done like she had hoped.  i am a handful on purpose because i know that means i get all of her attention.  she does everything she knows i like to make sure i am happy and we go for walks around our neighborhood which i really enjoy. 
on one of our walks bobbie and bryce came over.  bobbie is my great aunt...lets just call her graunt bobbie.  bryce is her son so i guess he is my cousin of some sort.  during our walk a pigeon tried to attack my mama, graunt bobbie, and bryce.  it chased them.  it flew towards their heads.  it made graunt bobbie fall down because she was running backwards from it and that had mama laughing so hard.  she laughed and ran the rest of the way home.  the pigeon chased us all the way to the house and continued its aggressive behavior.  
here you can see graunt bobbie and bryce swinging at the insane pigeon.

luckily bryce kept the pigeon away from me while my mom got me safely in the house.  speaking of bryce....everyone says i make a similar noise that he used to do when he was a baby.  i'll make sure a video of me making said noise is attached below.

thursday night my mama decided to listen to my plea and she took me out to yaya's to see those big furry creatures i love.  they are my most favorite dogs in the world.  i think they are very funny and sweet.  i cry when they leave the room because they are my furry best friends. 
while at yaya's i found a very peculiar hat.  now that i look at these pictures again i'm not so sure this style suits me but i found the peculiar hat very entertaining.

i don't like to sit still for diaper changes.  it really frustrates my mama but i don't care.  i love to scoot away from her or flip over a million times while she tries to put a clean diaper on me or get me dressed. 
mama says it is a good thing i am so cute while evading diaper changes because she gets a little less irritated with my actions.

friday was great in my book for several reasons.  papa had the day off work which meant extra attention for me.  then we went to see yaya at her work because everyone was celebrating her birthday there.  her real birthday was yesterday though.

sometimes i like to be cool and wave at the camera.
after the party we went to the store.  i kind of like going there as long as we aren't there too long and as long as people maintain a minimal distance of a couple feet from my face.  mama and papa made themselves look like real dorks at the store because they stopped to take pictures of me the entire time.  lately i stick my tongue out very often and they think it is just the cutest trick.  they spent a bunch of time trying to get a picture of me doing that trick.

finally i obliged.

but then i had to say enough with the camera to those silly parents of mine. 
graunt bobbie left these owls on our doorstep and mama added the twigs to a vase to display our new owl family that bobbie and mia made for us.
mama loves when i sleep like this.  i've noticed she takes many pictures of me with my legs crossed and bum in the air while i snooze. 
my parents found these items at that antique place they love to go to.  
i don't quite understand their obsession but maybe i will one of these days.
papa hung up the windows they got at the antique store last time.  they actually do make the living room look even cooler.
i was really sad when my buddy pellegrino got sick saturday night.  he seemed to be in pain or something and my parents were really freaked out so papa took him to the doctor.  
they couldn't really figure out what was wrong with my buddy but he stayed the night at the kitty hospital and had lots of medicine and tests.  then he came home last night and seemed to be much more like himself.  i was happy to see him.  

my mama fixed yaya dinner last night for her birthday then we went to yaya's later in the evening and i was thrilled to spend time with her and those furry creatures that live at her house.   
i kept making a noise yaya calls my zombie noise.  yaya thinks i should be a zombie baby for halloween but mama already has another costume for me so maybe next year i can be a zombie.

here is the video i mentioned above..

until next time...


  1. you guys shoulda dropped her off at our house for a couple hours so you could eat in peace!

    1. that would have been a lovely option if we were closer to your house....we were in henderson.

  2. I love Ever's narrative...there are some favorites here, but I can't pick just one. Ever flourishes under your care :)


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