hats, cats, and stories

i've noticed ever has quite the impressive collection of cute hats.  during our recent chilly weather spell we've been taking lots of walks and wearing all sorts of hats.
i love how you can see her two little teeth in this picture and her expression mixed with the hat....recipe for cuteness overload.  
i even busted out my hello kitty hat so i could join in the cute hat trend.
the love affair with the kitties continues.  ever does just about anything to be near one of the cats.  i think she is equally excited about one them walking into the room as she is about will or i walking into the room.  she goes absolutely bonkers if they meow.  yesterday morning houndstooth was near us and she licked ever's hand.  next thing i know ever gets the most shocked slightly horrified look on her face and she started to cry.  i guess she is a fan of everything but the scratchy kitty tongue.  

our trip to the grocery store friday night was fun just because i got to stare at this adorable little lady all bundled up with monster boots and a penguin hat.
shortly after i took this picture ever started to wiggle around a bunch which made the cart cover come undone on one side.  i look away for a second and look back to see her sucking on the side of the filthy cart.  i nearly fainted because i was so disgusted.

yesterday we went out for a little antique shopping.  we found so many amazing things but rather than buying everything i loved i managed to make it out with these items.
old windows....which i have the perfect plan for.
ornate drawers from a sewing machine...i'll be using these to organize art supplies or something.
the little school desk.....i did not want to leave the store without this considering it'll be perfect for ever's room and it is in such great condition.  there are so many amazing details to it including a tilting desktop and the drawer below the seat.  i'm sure you'll see more pictures of these items as i get them situated in our house.  

oh and another story which doesn't have a picture...
just when i thought ever was past the mega meltdowns she proved me wrong last night.  we were all relaxing in our pajamas enjoying a night in with netflix.  
i could tell ever was tired and hungry yet she didn't want to eat or sleep (she's kind of famous for that).  after trying every trick, checking her temperature, taking off her clothes to make sure nothing was poking or hurting her we finally loaded her up in the car.  i sat in the back with her and we drove around the neighborhood a bunch until she settled down enough to drink her bottle and rest her eyes for a few.  she went from screaming like crazy to completely fine in 2.5 seconds once we started driving.  one thing is for sure, ever is determined...if she is going to be mad she's just going to be that way and there isn't really much you can do to change her mind.  will and i talked about how her outburst most likely took 10 years off our lives.  outbursts and all we still love our girl more than anything in the world.


  1. You guys make such a beautiful family!

  2. I'm loving the hats! My baby has quite a collection already. Also loving the great antique finds. Oh, and I'll definitely have to remember the driving trick for when my little man is here ;)


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