as i put ever in bed last night after midnight i noticed it was october.  it is a favorite month of mine because october brings cooler weather (hopefully soon), a magical feeling in the air, halloween, pumpkins....the list goes on and on.  i'm especially happy to enjoy this time of year with my sweet ever and i'm excited to start traditions as a family that she will grow to look forward to.  here is a little about our eventful october 1st...
*we made cupcakes
*ever wore the hello kitty halloween onesie that i bought last september before i even knew if i was having a girl.  (i didn't officially know i was having a girl but i had a feeling)  
*we got out a couple of halloween decorations (we are going to wait and let will get the ones out of the garage that might have spiders in them).
*we had a fun trip to the store.
*took a nice evening walk.
*this last one wasn't really worth celebrating but then again kind of was.  will took the riviera to the gym this evening.  about an hour after he left the house i get a call from him that he is stranded because the brakes went out on the car.  luckily when they went out he wasn't in much traffic and was able to eventually stop in a parking lot.  it is a bummer we have something wrong with the car but i am so glad it happened the way it did and we didn't end up with a catastrophe.  thank goodness that didn't happen when i took the car out by myself yesterday because chances are i wouldn't have handled it so well.  also ever had her first ride in the car over the weekend and it makes me sick to think something like that could have happened with her in there.  while it was a pain to take will tools while ever had an extreme meltdown in the car and it was a pain to have to call a tow truck i'm going to go ahead and celebrate the fact that nobody was hurt.

so that was our day...our first day of october! 

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  1. I'm so glad that your husband is safe! October is also my favorite month. Ever is too adorable in that onesie.


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