her grandpa's birthday

today is another day for important conversations with ever.  
it is her grandpa's birthday.
it has been almost 11 years since he was relocated to heaven.  
 i miss my dad all the time and it is special days like today, his birthday, that i think about him a little extra.  
last year on his birthday i wrote this post, and it is now so amazing to hold my sweet baby in my arms and talk to her about her wonderful grandpa.  here you can find my dad's birthday post from 2010.  
it is a bittersweet thing having ever and sharing these special days with her but also knowing that her grandpa is not physically here to share in celebrating all of her milestones and other moments.
today we are going to remember to enjoy everything this life has to offer and we are going to continue talking about the very special man that i am lucky enough to call dad and ever is lucky enough to call grandpa.

here are several more pictures i took for the post today that are kind of the same but slightly different because i couldn't just share that first one

i adore all of her expressions.


  1. He was a handsome fella! With a lovely grandbaby. (I feel so proud when things I made for her pop up in pictures, haha!)

  2. Thanks Brandi! Oh and you should feel proud because everything you make is amazing. When I see something I've made I get super excited about it. Once I saw one of my paintings on a pretty popular blog and it was such a big deal to me.

  3. This is so sweet! You're a great mom, and I'm sure she'll grow up to feel her grandpa's presence around her.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Marissa.

  4. I didn't know that Skye! What blog was it!? How exciting!

  5. The pictures are perfect! Your conversations about her grandpa obviously effect her because you can see her emotion in every picture. Happy birthday to him. xoxo skye!


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