on october 3rd

we started out our day with a song and dance and major smiley faces so that i could convince her green beans are yummy....my tricks seemed to work.
we then went to her six month check up which she wasn't a big fan of.
don't worry ever.....most girls despise the scale.
she weighed 13 pounds 2 ounces and was 26 1/2 inches long

these 2 pictures kill me.....
she held this pose long enough for me to get a ton of pictures of it.
she was just trying to be modest.
i laughed when she did the pose but then later when i looked at the pictures again i laughed even more.
how were we so lucky to get this funny girl?
she charmed everyone at the office with her intense sweet ways. 
pellegrino guarded her when we got home.  
she must have told him how awful the shots were and he was making sure we weren't going to take his favorite little human back to the doctor.
the rest of the evening ever was mesmerized by her battle wounds.  she kept touching the bandaids and trying to rip them off. 

this video is a kind of dark and i'm warning you that i do two annoyingly squeaky loud peek-a-boo's.
basically as i was getting ready i had her in the pack and play with some toys.  while checking on her i notice she is in love with her bunny mirror toy.  she was kissing it and talking to it so sweetly.  i managed to catch her kissing it.  i kept trying to get her attention and get her to laugh but she was just too busy with her little bunny mirror to be bothered with my nonsense.


  1. It must be so hard watching her get shots! I'm really dreading that with my baby. But she's looking as cute as ever, and I love her modest pose!

  2. Poor girl on the scale! and I LOVE her kissing the mirror, the mmmm... kissing at the end is precious!


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