family time, saying mama, and dogs

these weekend review posts are quickly becoming a favorite even if they are a random mix of things.
we started our weekend with a family dinner to celebrate october birthdays
ever was a handful at dinner but also very entertaining.
my mom came over and repeatedly read a halloween book to ever which she absolutely loved.  i've never seen her so focused on a book before.  looks like she has my love of halloween.
how cute is her little hand holding the book?

on saturday many things happened.  it was kind of a weird day.  i'll have to write more about it when i've uploaded pictures from my camera.  
thankfully between the weirdness there was such a happy thing that happened.  
ever said mama for the first time!  
here was the scene.....  i was sitting on the bed trying to get her to take a bottle (which is a fight very often).  will was dozing off next to us.  ever kept wiggling around and refusing her bottle.  next thing i know she blurts out mama loud and clear.  will's eyes popped open and i started laughing/almost crying.  will said...did she really just say mama?  i told him she did and then it was like this little celebration where i kept laughing and ever could tell she had done something amazing.  later that day i thought i heard her mumble mama again but she wouldn't do it when i asked her to.  then yesterday she clearly said it again.  of course it was while she was wiggling away from me and frustrated.  so now we know....if we want ever to say mama i just have to irritate her.  hearing her say it was one of the best moments of my life.

now on to the kitties....
i guess houndstooth didn't think my arms were full enough.  she had to jump in my lap and cuddle up with ever.  speaking of houndstooth.....she did another disappearing act over the weekend.  it was her longest time away and i was assuming the worst.  luckily on saturday she showed up after being gone for over two days.  naughty kitty.

last night we went to my moms.  ever has met the dogs before but didn't seem to notice them much or care.  they always notice her though and want to be right up in her face at all times.  as we walked in the house last night and ever saw the dogs she started to laugh so hard.  they weren't doing anything except trying to get a closer look at her but she thought it was hilarious.  she spent the rest of the night squealing with delight and laughing.  it was the cutest thing to witness.
i also noticed that when they would get close to her she would put her arms up with her hands by her ears like the picture below.
i don't know why....maybe so they wouldn't lick her but she would put her arms up and laugh.

here are a few videos of her laughing at the dogs.  as usual we didn't get the best of it recorded and this first video is blurry but you'll get the idea.

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  1. I love reading to Ebser, she genuinely listens. I love how she loved the 5 wild beasts...she was completely taken with them, and they with her. I just love Ebser!


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