destined to be a bat

as previously mentioned several weeks ago i noticed that ever's bat costume was most likely going to be too small so i started to search for other options.  i ended up finding this penguin hat and put together a penguin costume for her.  tonight i decided to try the bat costume one more time just for fun and surprisingly it still fit.  so then i had a dilemma about which costume to have her wear for halloween.  i still love the bat but i'm equally in love with the penguin now.  
[taken over a month ago]
we were getting ready to flip a coin when i decided i'd take pictures of her in both and have people vote.  
as we started to put the penguin outfit on we noticed the hat was really tight and she started to get irritated.  i think the penguin outfit would still work if the weather were much cooler {like halloween weather is supposed to be} but she might have a fit with a tight warm hat on.
maybe the next baby can be a penguin because i really love how it turned out.
ever is going to be a baby bat as originally planned before she was even born.
i love my baby bat.

p.s. by halloween a cute bow is going to be added to the bat costume for a little extra pizzazz!

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  1. She sounds like a zombie, and I was hoping for that...but you can't argue the cuteness of the baby bat outfit. :)


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