all sorts of stuff

these are the happenings of last weekend and the past few days all rolled into one.  

ever continues to model like a pro.  she pulls out the best poses from her bag of tricks when i have the camera pointed at her.

we attended a family gathering...
my brother russ and his family were passing through town so a big group of us went to lunch.
it was the first time for them to meet ever.
here she is with russ
and ally.
we had a front yard picnic since the weather was so pleasant.
ever was cruising around on the quilt so much.  she is a pro at scooting.  it is pretty much adorable how fast she can get around.  
will and i planted succulent gardens.  
they turned out really cute....hopefully we can keep them alive.

ever decided brushing her teeth is so much fun.  
hopefully she always thinks it is fun.

here ever is just showing off her cute onesie that tyra got for her.  
my brother calls this ever's sassy nostril flare
he also said she looks like a little dragon in this picture.  
i laughed because i see what he means.

there has been lots of cuddle time lately.
ever really loves her papa.
when he gets home from work she kicks her legs so hard and squeals with joy.
i absolutely adore watching her get so happy like that.

although it doesn't look like the amazing cooler weather the past couple days is going to last we've been taking full advantage of it while it is here.  jackets, sweaters, hats....i can't wait until those items actually become a full time part of our wardrobe.
ever continues to be completely fascinated by the kitties.  she squeals and smiles whenever she sees them and she scoots towards them as fast as possible.  so far pellegrino seems to be her favorite.  he's the most tolerant of her grabby hands.  he loves attention so much it doesn't seem to bother him if that attention comes in form of a little hair pulling.  


  1. I love this post. Thanks for the smile :)

  2. Ever is by far the best dressed baby I've ever seen! The picture of her with the kitty made me smile.


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