"go look at the moon..."

a couple saturdays ago i got a text from my friend tyra that said something about how cool the moon looked and she mentioned we should go look at it.  we had recently been outside and already noticed how giant and amazing the moon was but why not look at it again right?  when we stepped outside there was a sweet little package at the door from sneaky tyra....such a fun unexpected surprise.  
inside the package were some really neat items for our ever.  
among the items was a dream catcher.  tyra recently opened an etsy shop with some of these very pretty dream catchers....take a peek here.  ever is a big fan of hers.
also i loved that tyra's sweet grandma included something in the package for our girl.  a bib that says daddy's under my spell.....couldn't think of a more true statement.
nothing like a doorstep surprise to brighten your day. 

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