the late night sweetness

i find myself always looking back at pictures of ever.  while being mesmerized by her newborn pictures i realized i never ended up sharing the rest of them on here.  i could literally look at these all day long.  the screen saver for our computer flashes through all of the pictures we have saved.  will and i very often find ourselves watching the pictures pop up sometimes for 20 minutes or more at a time.  whether they are pictures of our life before ever or after we get so happy as the memories flood back from staring at the screen.  obviously our favorite pictures are always of ever though.

i told will that if i had to pinpoint a time of day that my love grows for our girl it is most definitely midnight or later when i am trying to get her to sleep.  i know i've mentioned it before but i just can't even describe how much love i have for her in those moments.  last night she made my heart explode once again.  she was looking at both of us with such love, touching our faces sweetly, speaking her own little language, and laughing at absolutely everything.  she has been rather challenging today but i'm sure tonight she will make up for her naughty behavior with all of the sweetness she displays late at night.  


  1. These pictures are absolutely amazing, and you're clearly such a wonderful mom!

    1. you are sweet marissa....i'm sure you are getting very excited for your little guy to arrive. enjoy every moment....it goes so fast!


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