ever's first orchestra performance and her yaya's solo

on tuesday october 16th ever went to her first orchestra performance.  it is nice to think we are introducing her to great things like that early on, but the best part was her yaya was the star of the show that night.  my mom played along with the orchestra on many pieces but then she did her solo act.  it was a really big deal.  she can sit down and play pretty much anything on the piano but this particular piece was something she worked on for months.  she was so nervous and of course doubted herself but it turned out beautifully.  ever has always seemed to love music and this night i think she appreciated it a little more.

my grandmother made my night with all of her comments about everything.
she always makes things a little extra entertaining.  
the life of the party.

i recorded my mom's performance in pieces partly because i thought my phone was going to fill up so i didn't want to miss each section and partially because i was wrangling ever.  i am so bummed i didn't record the standing ovation at the end.  my mom didn't even realize that happened until after the show was over and we told her about it.  hers was the only performance to receive a standing ovation.  it was magical.

chopin polonaise in a flat major op. 53
i love how you can hear ever's response to her yaya's playing in the background.

i now have two questions....
why didn't i stick with piano lessons?
when can ever start piano lessons?


  1. Aww that's awesome. I wish I'd taken lessons. Nicole's mom is giving Paige lessons, and was unsure at first about doing it yet with a 5 year old, but she gave her a tryout lesson and she did really well, so she decided to go ahead and start with her. Your mama can teach Ever, right?

    1. that is so cool paige is taking lessons. i think my mom started me early too and she has started others early that seemed to grasp it. my mom doesn't really teach anymore but she said she would teach ever and that i could start taking lessons again if i want. only thing is i now need a piano. the one we have is for decoration only...too bad my mom doesn't want to hand over her steinway :)

  2. beautiful, stacy! wish i could have been there to watch and listen. :)


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