six months of cuteness

 considering i took about 200 pictures of ever yesterday to celebrate her turning six months it is rather amazing that i narrowed it down to these few to show you...even if there are still kind of a bunch.

at ever's six month pediatrician visit today it was basically confirmed that she is one active and advanced little lady...not that we didn't already know it.  when the doctor went through the list of milestones we answered yes or she started doing that months ago to every question.  ever is so entertaining these days.  she gets in laughing fits that make me laugh so hard and then we both get even more out of control.  she loves when i play peek-a-boo with her.  she "talks" a bunch!  babbling like crazy all of the time and lately she added blowing raspberries to the babbling.  she is a major wiggle worm.  changing her diaper or getting her dressed sometimes seems like a workout.  i have to flip her back over about a thousand times.  she gets in the crawling position but doesn't quite crawl yet although she does an inch worm scooting maneuver like a champ.  her lower left tooth appeared a few days ago and the one next to it is going to appear any moment now.  she can be very challenging at times because she is so determined and ready to tackle this wild world but at the same time she is such an incredible little person that i love more and more each day.  oh and when it comes to posing for pictures....this girl has it down already.  she seems to truly enjoy having her picture taken unless it is a long fiasco like our mini photo shoot was yesterday....then she just gets a little annoyed. 


i tried to get a video of her cracking up while i played peek-a-boo with her but it just wasn't working so this is a short but sweet peek at some of her cuteness.

p.s.  the super adorable owl pillow you see in a couple pictures was made by my very talented friend brandi. she recently listed a couple halloween decorations she made on etsy.  i already snagged one of them and i can't wait to see what else she comes up with.  you should totally check her stuff out even if i am reluctant to tell you about it because i want to be greedy and buy every cute thing.


  1. So cute! Makes me really want a girl next time around ;)

  2. She's so cute. Can't believe she's 6 months old. I love her polkadot bow. (I'm working on a bat with a polkadot belly). Thank you for the shout out!

    1. oh no.....a bat with a polkadot belly...i'm done for!


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