10 month old ever

i took well over 100 pictures of ever today like i do each month.  she is 10 months old today.  
as i was taking pictures i told ever that i wish she was the small baby who just sat in one place because she wouldn't sit still, it was lots of work getting these pictures but also fun.  as always it was nearly impossible to pick my favorites.  

she loves book so much....even when reading them upside down.

this one might as well be a baby picture of me.  i think i have at least one picture of myself around the same age with a similar expression and basically ever and i are twinsies.  

this is one of the many times she tried stealing the camera and expressed just how annoying she thinks i am.

i love how she looks like she has teeny tiny baby feet in this picture...can we just pretend she is a teeny tiny baby and not 10 months old already?  yes, that is what i'll pretend.  

at 10 month of age here are a few facts about ever.
*she has 4 teeth.
*she says several words on the regular including...mama, papa, boo, poop, kitty, pew pew pew while waving her hand in front of her nose (she learned this from me while i was changing her diapers), bye bye and she waves while saying it, hi, yay and she claps while saying that.  might be a couple other words i can't remember at the moment.
*she can cruise around the house really well, either by crawling or standing up and grasping things while moving around a room.  the other night she stood up from sitting position completely on her own and balanced for a couple seconds without holding on to anything.  
*she loves music and will sometimes dance.  she also thinks it is hilarious when i dance in front of her or while i'm holding her.  
*if will says "i'm going to get you" to her she squeals and laughs and hops in my lap or crawls super fast and then flops all over me.  it's become a favorite game around here lately that has all 3 of us laughing a bunch.  
*ever can climb on things.  i've caught her at least 5 or more times climbing up on various items around the house and then standing up on them sometimes.  she is a complete daredevil which means she has hurt herself a few times but usually she will cry a tiny bit then move on to the next adventurous thing.
*she seems to understand things quite well.  for example the other day she closed her fingers in the desk drawer.  it happened a couple times and now she opens the drawers but quickly pulls her hands back.  she also hesitates when we say the word danger to her.  

i'm certain there are other facts about ever that i'm not remembering at the moment but at least i write them in her baby book as they happen so we have that to look back at.  she is such a spunky fun part of our days.  i find myself always amazed at the things she knows or understands.  each day she learns something new it seems. 
 i have so much love for my beautiful smart little daredevil.   


  1. Love all the pictures! She is a doll :)

  2. Oh my gosh I can't believe how much Ever can already say and do! She's growing up so fast! I'm so glad we got to see you both last night. Ever was super adorable! Mia loves her! :)

  3. Happy 10 Months BEAUTIFUL girl!!! I just loooove baby feet and was thinking how teeny her toes looked in that last photo :) Can I just say how my heart exploded seeing Ever in those leg warmers?! When I saw them I instantly thought of her.

    Just like that doll you got for her in these photos-- they are SO Ever ;) I love that!

    She is just the sweetest little girl. I hope Felix likes to read at her age. The photo of her playing with her husky dolly made my heart ache at the passing of your family pet. I know how hard that is and wish I could give you lots of hugs! I know that brulé is chasing around my little mooshie girl (our family's chihuahua) because I believe with all my heart that dogs have to be a part of heaven.



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