52 portraits catch up and the beauty of the written word

at the beginning of the year on several blogs i saw a portrait a week plan for the year.  instantly i knew i'd want to do this so at the end of this year i'd have 52 portraits of ever.  each week that has gone by i have been frustrated with myself that i didn't start doing this and then i kept thinking it would be not so cool to play catch up.  but today i'm going to make this happen....play catch up...and from here on out have a portrait a week of my little love.  it's not like this is a hard task considering i take tons of pictures of her every single day.  i know at the end of the year these posts will be really fun to look back at and i'll be glad i did it.  









also i wanted to share something that i never really thought about before until i had the discussion with will over the weekend.  will always says that when he's having a stressful day at work or he's in a bad mood all he has to do is look at pictures of ever on his phone and instantly he is in a better mood and ready to tackle what lies ahead.
the last few days will has been asking me to find something that my dad wrote to me which shows his nice handwriting and is meaningful to me.  basically everything my dad wrote whether in my baby book, journal, or a card is like gold to me now that he is no longer on this earth.  there are so many times that i dig out things he has written (i have got to say i'm so glad he was diligent about writing) and find comfort in his wise words.  it is almost as if he wrote things in such a way to help me at times now since he isn't alive...almost as if he knew those words would be so needed in the future.  anyway as i searched for something to give will for this secret project of his which he would not budge and tell me about at all, i found a few sentences that are basically identical to what will always says about ever.  my dad said how after a hard day coming home and seeing me smile melted away all the troubles of the world.  
will brought up an interesting point i never thought of.  in this age of technology will is able to see his daughter at any moment of the day by looking at a video or picture of her on his phone.  back when i was a baby that sort of thing wasn't possible so it would be a whole day before my dad could experience the same sort of joy of seeing a smile from his daughter...makes you really appreciate technology.  on the other hand back in those dark ages 32 years ago when i was a baby it makes me happy to know that communications were of the hand written variety because having that to look at now is a beautiful personal gift.  it is the reason that besides keeping a record of our lives on this blog i do so in my own personal journal and in a journal/baby book of ever's.  it is something i am very passionate about and it is more of an interest for will now as well.     

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  1. I can't wait to see what Will's secret project is for you too! He's always doing such sweet things for you. I'm glad you guys have each other. :)


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