she says bruyay

friday night after we got home from our date my mom was showing ever a picture of our recently departed brulé on her phone.  ever clearly said her name several times but it sounded more like bruyay (in the same sweet high pitched tone she reserves for the kitties).  we almost couldn't handle how cute it was.  of course by the time we thought to record it ever wasn't saying it quite so clear but she did kiss her picture.  after that i was cuddling with ever and i asked her to say brulé again...which she did several times and then i asked her...where brulé was and ever responded with bye bye.  it certainly was a moment with my brilliant little lady.  the rest of the weekend any time she saw a picture of brulé on our computer or my phone she would say her name and sometimes lean in to kiss the picture.  i can't even describe how amazed i am by ever.  she shocks me all the time with the things she knows and says or does but this time i was even more surprised by her.  i'm certain at 10 months of age she already knows more than me.  

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