her room and those expressions

i always imagined that right before or after ever was born i'd have her room all fancied up and post lots of pictures of every little baby thing in the perfect spot like i see on other blogs but that wasn't a reality obviously.  i've posted pictures of certain things in her room a couple times, but now that she is almost 11 months old i'm finally getting everything organized and hung up like i want.  in the next couple months i envision we will have all of the shelves and furniture in place in that room and then i'll provide a proper room tour.  i have yet to transition ever to her room.  she is still sleeping in our room in her crib.  part of me would like to always have her in there with us but i feel like she would sleep better in her own room and we will sleep better too.  at nearly 11 months old my girl has finally decided to start sleeping through the night (most nights....of course as i began composing this the other day her sleeping habits have been pretty bad....i was up with her 3 times last night) which is quite wonderful.  now that i'm not up with her so often it is more realistic to have her sleep in her room.  over the weekend will and i took time to finally get all of her clothes stored away in an organized fashion.  it was sad to see the tiny things that wouldn't even come close to fitting her now.  i hope that some day we have another girl so she can wear all of the adorable stuff because so much of it was barely worn and in some cases never worn.  as we put things away i remembered who bought us each outfit and how ever looked in it.  anyway my point to this long intro is that i've always loved ever's room and the more that it is organized the more i love it.  will and i talk about how it is the happiest room of the house.  ever and i have been spending much more time in there lately during the day.  yesterday ever got in a basket that was full of blankets which prompted a random photo shoot and some serious cuteness from the little lady. 

see i really need shelves for all the little things sitting on her dresser and i've figured out the perfect ones...hopefully ever gets them for her birthday....hint hint yaya.

here are close up pictures of the kewpie doll things i framed last month.  

and here is my real life kewpie doll....
kissing her doll....with the loudest most exaggerated smooching noises.

this crabby serious face cracks me up.

those little top teeth are so adorable to me.


  1. I loved getting this peek of your sweet real life kewpie doll :)

    I LOVE that dresser and how you arranged her art wall (esp. since it has your beautiful art included... how special!)

    <3 serious Ever face!


  2. I LOVE the pictures of Ever!! She's so cute and funny!! I'm so glad Mia and I got to stop by and visit for a little bit the other day. :)

  3. She has a dream room...a dream room for a dreamy baby girl :)


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