happiness in the sadness

just wanted to share a few happy things from the recent sad days.
i think in times of sadness you find out how much others love and care about you.  it is a beautiful thing to know you are loved and appreciated.  it is therapeutic to have people share tears with you and offer words of comfort.  
to any of you who have left sweet comments on here or instagram...thank you. 
to those of you who cried with me....thank you. 
to those of you who sent texts or called...thank you.  
to special friends who sent these beautiful flowers...thank you.

ever has been an absolute ray of sunshine during these dark moments.  i feel as though she has been extra sweet and extra funny...if that is even possible.  she is full of wisdom and joy.  she is a blessing.  
i felt the need to help dig brulĂ©'s resting spot.  i told will that digging a spot for pets was something my dad always did with me as i was growing up.  during those times when i felt devastated my dad would share his wisdom about life and death and bring comfort to my heart.  i asked will if he would help me dig.  he was honored to assist with such a task.  it was therapeutic to dig.  to be physically exhausted instead of just emotionally exhausted.  ever stayed in the house with my mom most of the time but she came out for a few minutes here and there.  one of the times she came out we discovered that she found it quite hilarious to see her dad swing a pick and break up the rocks in the ground.  her laughter was contagious and it provided a much needed lift to our spirits. 

i would be even more of a wreck if it weren't for will, ever, my mom, and brother.  we have shared the sadness and moments of joy which has been quite nice.

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  1. Aww, what a good girl. Doing her job well, I see.


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