valentine's day this year...

well it was a busy one.  it was a day full of getting fancy and rushing around like crazy.  it was a day that left very little time to celebrate exclusively with my valentines will and ever.  our celebration this year was on a large scale with over 300 people at my mom's wedding.

after a quick exchange involving love notes and tulips for me and ever from will.
i was on my way to oasis day spa to do my mom's makeup while ashley did her hair.  
i named myself and chummy ashley the glam squad.  
we had lots of fun making my mom extra glamorous.  

here is the finished product of our glam work.
after that i was rushing home to finish getting ready so that we could make it to the church before the wedding for pictures.  on the drive home i called will to let him know i'd soon be there.  he told me to stay out of the kitchen when i got home because there was a surprise for me.  a couple weeks ago for some reason i ended up telling will a story about how i always wanted a lite brite as a child but i never had one.  i told him of the time we went to visit family and my cousin had one...i was maybe around 7 years old at the time and i remember coveting her lite brite.  will thought my story was heartbreaking so without my knowledge he tracked down a vintage one and when i got home i walked in to find this message on my very own lite brite.  it was such a thoughtful surprise that really made my day. 
i enjoyed my gift for a moment and then ran around like crazy finishing my hair and makeup...getting myself dressed...getting ever dressed...shouting orders to will about what to pack in the diaper bag.  we were late to the church just like we are late to everything now.  luckily we weren't the only ones running behind so it all worked out even if i was totally flustered.  
i didn't manage to get one picture of just me and my mom.  i didn't see very many people i expected to see.  the ones i planned to chat with i didn't have much time to....just part of the deal because i have my sweet ever.  that night when we got home i was kind of sad that i didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked to and especially bummed that i didn't get one with my mom.  also i didn't want to be all paparazzi with the flash going off the entire time so my pictures are kind of dark but we can just say it was to enjoy the mood lighting.    
my mom looked really beautiful.
brandon is the number one walk down the aisle dude...he did that for me too.

ever was such a good girl despite the crowds of people getting all up in her face and her lack of naps plus i realized after it was all over that i think she is teething again.  she melted down after hours at the wedding/reception but up until then she was really sweet and cute and only slightly naughty.
during the ceremony the camera kept her entertained so there are a bunch more pictures like this.  look at those perfect lips.  

this is ever's paper eating face.

the happy couple's first dance.

only picture i got with brandon.  lets talk about brandon.  he wore a kilt and the whole scottish getup obviously and i think it was the perfect look on him.  i told him he should totally wear that all the time especially to fancy things and i told him he should for sure wear that when he gets married one of these days. i'm not kidding...i couldn't get over just how awesome he looked in that.  it was perfect.  he joked that he looked like the dad from the movie brave....which we laughed about....but he didn't.  

we made inappropriate jokes about this little pouch thing that was part of brandon's outfit.  

i was happy to see some of my most favorite friends and spend a little time with them.  we acted like kids and laughed like we always do when we get together.  

my mom and kit didn't shove cake in each others faces.  

ever loves her yaya and was not too happy that yaya couldn't spend tons of time with her but she completely enjoyed this moment with her.  

this was at the point they were having a toast and everyone was quietly listening...except ever.  i have a short video of her making noise i'll try to add at the end of the post.  

this is a new trick of hers...when i set her down she leans back to look at me and gives me the most perfect smiles.  

a great picture of devin and rita.

ridiculous pictures of brandon and nick.  

and right before we left after ever had ripped her headband off and had several crying spells i remembered the only picture of the 3 of us that night was one on my phone dr. taylor took to send to abby so i asked my mom to try and get a good one of us but it wasn't happening at that point with how exhausted ever was.


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  1. Love the pictures you got!! The wedding turned out beautiful. I love the picture of Ever eating paper!! :)


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