from ever

hey everyone it's me, ever...
i just noticed that i've been so busy this month i haven't kept you updated on my daily life and latest tricks.  

i spend a great deal of time modeling for the camera like so...

i'm keeping up with my 2013 fitness goals.

i'm having frequent poopsplosions that create quite the stressful situation for mama especially when she comes close to burning dinner in order to make sure i'm clean and safe while in the tub.  
i think she is starting to catch on that i do this on purpose because i love being in the bathtub so much.  more than one bath a day is the best. 

i've been going for car races around the house courtesy of the wild driver and fellow thrill seeker papa.  

i've taken up the new hobby of climbing.  the higher and more dangerous the better.

i have this little security blanket that i'm always putting on my head in a dramatic fashion.  sometimes i yell boo while doing it...other times i admire myself in the mirror like in the picture below.  

i admire photos of the kitties, the dogs, and family.  lately i've taken a fancy to this old photo of my grandpa.  i stare at it, smile at it, and kiss it.  mama got kind of upset because i was handling it so much that i was wrinkling it so she only lets me have it with supervision.

this obnoxious close up is courtesy of my mama.  how rude of her to catch me when i'm clearly mesmerized by something on the computer.  
another mesmerizing moment with the computer was when mama and papa showed me a trailer for despicable me 2.  i couldn't not take my eyes off it and i laughed a few times.  they say that maybe i can go to the movies to see that this coming summer.  i hope.  

lately i'm fascinated by the door hinge and i try to eat it.  

i don't understand why mama doesn't like to see me chew on it.

pellegrino is my best friend.  he is the sweetest most gentle kitty even when i pull his tail a little hard or pet him in a rough way he never really gets mad at me.  i like to make him lick my finger with his scratchy tongue because it is so funny to me.  
the past several weeks pellegrino has jumped in my crib while i'm taking a nap and i wake up to find that furry friend next to me.  nothing makes me happier.  he only started doing this after houndstooth disappeared, and while i'm still sad she is gone i'm happy for the extra attention from pellegrino.  

sometimes i'm a little bit confused when i find him next to me.

but then i'm happy.

really happy.

until next time.  
xoxo, ever


  1. I love this post!! Ever you are so cute and funny!!

  2. kitty + baby = cuteness overload!

  3. Ebs knows your dad...she has seen him before and had conversations with him. I just can't get over how adorable she is...just gorgeous!


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