brandon's birthday and 9 month old ever

first of all today is my brother brandon's birthday.  secondly ever is 9 months old today.  
can you tell brandon feels awkward holding a baby?  pretty funny.  
ever wore her bazinga shirt today just for uncle brandon because he is the one that told us how funny the show big bang theory is and now it's a family favorite.  for his birthday i made him this painting...
it is based on a tree on one of our favorite hiking trails we frequent.  i made another painting like it too and that one is in the shop.
happy birthday to brandon.

now on to our 9 month old....nine months...how did that happen so fast?

those facial expressions of hers crack me up!

happy nine months my little love!


  1. BAZINGA baby! Her boots totally complete the outfit :)

  2. Love her! Happy 9 months baby ever!

  3. Skye you have the prettiest little girl! I still can't get over it :) And I LOVED your Christmas card. Thank you so much for sending me one, I can't wait to see you guys again!


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