ever on a mission

yesterday ever was on a mission to keep us laughing all day long.  
this video shows just a tiny bit of her funny moments.
here she is saying "what's that" and yes i encourage her to say poop in the video.  she says it but in her own funny way.  she said it all night in fact but her version of poop sounds more like a mix between a cough and blowing a raspberry. 
she says it at the 36 second mark. 
 last night she went on and on saying several words like poop, mama, papa, and what's that, all the while making funny faces.  she says "what's that" all day every day....it is her new favorite.  when we took her to her 9 month check on friday the doctor was holding a book to give to ever.  i think her pediatrician was pretty surprised when ever noticed the book in her hands and kept saying "what's that?"  ever also spent a great deal of time yesterday clapping her hands and as i type this she is playing peek-a-boo with me by holding a small blanket over her face with both hands then pulling it down dramatically.  i've noticed along with the funny stuff she has developed quite the sassy attitude.  i didn't think a 9 month old knew how to throw a fit.  of course i'm not sure why i'm surprised considering that from the moment ever was born she's made it very clear how determined and bossy she would be.  

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  1. The babes love this one...they come running in to hear her, hoping she is in here...it's cute. I love the way she primes her mouth before she says it :)


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