more foxes and clouds

these lovely paintings were just added to the shop.  i have a confession to make....recently as paintings seemed to be getting purchased right and left, i had happy tears in my eyes as i told will how thrilled each bit of support makes me.  so to you family and friends who have purchased items please know that your support really truly means the world to me.  i'll be shipping out this painting on monday and since i know the person who purchased it reads my blog i figured i'd give you a special thank you on here.

oh and i must add....if you love the fox paintings and really want one...you should get one or both because to be honest the foxes are a real pain to make and very time consuming.  so time consuming in fact that they aren't really worth my time.  they seem simple enough when you look at them but very often i do coat after coat of paint to get certain aspects just right.  anyway i'm not sure how many more i'll make so i thought i'd let you all know.

much love and thanks.  

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  1. Aww Skye!! You know I LOVE all of your artwork and you are totally my favorite artist. When you get to be all famous all of my paintings will worth lots of $$ huh? :) I love you!!


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