our doctor friend

a couple days after ever was born i realized 2 things.  
first was that i didn't get any pictures of ever with the doctor who delivered her.  second that i didn't take any videos of her while at the hospital when she was just one and two days old.  i was really bummed about both of those things.  obviously i couldn't rewind to her being one and two days old to take videos of her while in the hospital so i just had to get over that.  luckily i was able to take pictures of dr. taylor holding her when she was 8 days old.   

i think each of these pictures are really sweet.  any time i was at the office after ever was born, which was often because i was always visiting my mom, we would visit dr. taylor and he would be very excited to hold that tiny bundle.  will and i couldn't have asked for a more perfect doctor to care for our growing family.  dr. taylor is a good friend and i am so glad he was the one to help hatch our little lady out of my tummy.  
p.s.  my c-section scar looks very minimal thanks to dr. taylor.

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