dream big

you know how everyone is all about new years resolutions around this time of year?  well there are a few things i would like to improve about myself and work on but i didn't feel it necessary to make a strict list or really broadcast it.  in all the years i've made resolutions there was only one year that i really accomplished several of them.  it was like as i got in gear with one the rest sort of fell into place.  since i am a true procrastinator it wasn't until about half way through the year that i really committed to my goals but it felt really nice to stick with them.  i attribute some of my success that particular year to writing the goals in my journal then revisiting them often and adding steps that i thought would get me closer to the end result.  as i was thinking of this time of resolutions and goals i thought of this painting.  i day dream often and sometimes my dreams are quite elaborate so why not paint a small mushroom among giant trees and add the words dream big.  sure the mushroom may never reach those heights but there is no harm in dreaming, and so it does.
you can find this in the shop.  
don't fret if you miss a chance to buy this one either because i'm working on a couple others.....not exactly the same but very similar.  after all none of my paintings are exactly the same even if i paint the same scene and that makes them extra special i think.

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  1. OMG Skye...with every new painting of yours, I've got a new favorite! I love this one! :)


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