sad and nostalgic

we are sad at our house.  as you know we are cat owners.  the kitties used to be a major part of blog posts until ever came along and stole their thunder.  it doesn't mean we have loved them any less.  they are still a big part of our lives and ever loves them so much even if they don't always love her.  anyway our sweet little houndstooth pictured below seems to have disappeared.  i have been spending the morning searching through our fifty billion pictures to make a flyer that we can post around the neighborhood in hopes to find out something about her.  we already checked with animal control and she wasn't picked up.  
so here's the deal...pellegrino and houndstooth are brother and sister.  they love each other so much and cuddle together often.  they were inside cats for about 8 months of their lives but they showed interest in exploring the back yard eventually so we let them, usually while supervising.  they were pretty good about not venturing too far and coming back when we called them.  houndstooth has always been a very adventurous girl.  her brother pellegrino is a big wimp.  houndsie gave us our first scare this time.  after that she was really good for a while.  then as months went by she scared us a couple more times by disappearing but the longest she was ever gone was for two nights.  we thought she was gone for good that time.  it has now been 5 days since we have seen her.  we are trying to keep hope that she will come home.  if not for our own sake for pellegrino's.  he has been devastated without his sister.  we could have probably avoided all the heartache if we kept the kitties inside full time but then they would hate us, especially houndstooth.  every single day she goes to the back door and stretches up to touch the handle to let us know she is ready to play outside.  after she scared us in the past i ignored her requests to go outside but it only lasted a few days because she would be so upset and act kind of naughty.
please say a prayer that our houndstooth will come home or that we might at least find some sort of closure.  
isn't baby houndsie adorable?

while going through pictures i came across many non kitty pictures that i love and so a couple of those are included in this post as well.  oh the memories.  i am so glad i am obsessed with taking pictures because looking back at older photos is such a favorite thing for us.  even ever sits and watches the photos that pop up on our screen saver and she shows various emotions about each picture.  she seems to like the ones of herself, the kitties, or dogs the most. 

{pregnant with ever back in december 2011.  oh how i loved being pregnant.}

i don't think i've shared this next photo before and i love it!
{april 2nd 2012...minutes after ever was born, being held by her papa...i was in recovery but i am told she calmed down to his voice and held tight to his finger as they did x-rays to check her skull fracture and gave her a bath}

so now that we took a little trip down nostalgia lane...here's hoping that our little houndstooth comes home.


  1. I hope your kitty comes home soon! A friend of mine recently told me about his cat, who goes on adventures for months at a time, and then shows back up as if he never left. Maybe Houndstooth is just out having a Great Adventure. :)

    1. Thanks Nicole! I actually love that you told me about your friend's cat going out for long adventures. I'm going to pretend that is what Houndstooth is doing. P.S. your painting shipped yesterday so you should have it soon :)

    2. I got it! It is beautiful and I can't wait to hang it. Thank you!

  2. Poor pellegrino! Hope she comes back soon. Thinking of you guys!

  3. Aww so sorry about Houndstooth Skye! We will say a prayer for her. I love the pictures you posted though.

  4. I hope Pellegrino is home soon. :( I used to have a cat named Charlie who went on long adventures too. It drove me nuts.


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