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hey everyone...it's me ever.  
i noticed that since my mama was slacking there were some things that weren't discussed on this here blog that i felt were noteworthy so here i am to discuss.

first up....see this outfit i'm wearing?  well i wore the newborn version of this home from the hospital after i was hatched.  my parents got all sentimental and crazy one day at target when they saw this outfit and they bought a size i could wear now.  i don't always understand those parents of mine but they say someday i'm going to so i guess we just wait until that day.  all i know is my little giraffe outfit is comfy and cute....that is what i care about.  

i am obsessed with touching things with my pointer finger.  my mama feeds me these little organic food pouches and before i will take a bite i have to put my finger in the pouch.  the other day while mama was doing her makeup i put my finger in a black tube that is called mascara and i got this black blob on my finger.  it wasn't nearly as pleasant as when i put my finger in my food pouches.  

have you guys ever watched that show the walking dead?  my parents love that show and they said i look like a zombie when i eat strawberries.  yet another thing i don't understand but i figured i'd share anyway.  

this was me giving mama a dirty look at bed time last weekend.  i've been a cranky beast lately because of teething.  luckily one of my top teeth came through the other day so i'm finding some relief.  hopefully the other one hurries up.  

last weekend it snowed for a few minutes.  mama bundled me up and took me outside then laughed about how my eyelashes and fluff of hair caught snowflakes.  

i had an impromptu play date a few days ago with zadyn.  he is the son of marcy (one of mama's best friends).  zadyn is about 5 months younger than me.  i think he is kind of dreamy with those puffy cheeks.  i tried to teach him some naughty screaming type noises when he was here but he is pretty mellow.  we communicated a little bit but he isn't nearly as loud as me.  i don't think he liked it when i poked at his face but he was a good sport.  all i have to say is that i was slightly embarrassed this dreamy fellow saw me in my pajamas.  next time i plan to get fancied up before his arrival.

i did teach zadyn to stick out his tongue for the camera.  you're welcome zadyn.

again with the tongue....i couldn't help myself.  this was the day my tooth came in and i had to keep exploring that new sharp sensation with my tongue.  oh by the way...for all you babies out there...let me tell you that one of the coolest toys you can find in your house is called a remote control.  so fun, i promise.

i can now stand without holding on to anything for a short period of time.  my parents usually clap and make a big fuss when i do this.  i love attention so i'll be doing that often.  

saturday papa was reading me a book when we woke up.  the little bunny abigail talks while you read the book.  i found this pretty entertaining but i think the best part was when mama and papa started laughing so hard that they were crying and couldn't breathe.  papa was so serious as he read the book.  when he came to a line that said something about slipping sliding popping and locking mama went absolutely bonkers crazy laughing.

when mama put on her makeup yesterday she made papa watch every detail of it as she explained each step.  she said something about pretending to film a tutorial.  i don't know what that is but papa watched even if he wasn't having much fun and mama thought it was the greatest.  

when i took my nap today mama was sneaky and took this picture.  i had so much fun before this nap.  i was being rather rambunctious but mama knew i was tired because she knows everything so she sat on her bed and rocked back and forth while holding me on her chest and humming a song from sleeping beauty.  as she was doing this i looked up at her with so much love in my eyes because i really do love her and i smiled in the sweetest way.  mama gave me a kiss and then rubbed our noses together....i guess it is called an eskimo kiss.  i giggled and mama said that moment melted her heart.  i hope that is a good thing.  

i still don't live in my room, i live in my parent's room.  originally my crib was set up in here but they moved it to their room because i wasn't quite ready to not be next to them.  my pediatrician recently mentioned that now would be a good time for me to move to my room.  that discussion made mama and papa sad.  they might wait a few more months but either way mama has been doing some extra decorating to my happy space.  it really is such a happy spot in the house.  i crawl to that room very often because it is full of really cute things.  mama recently framed pages from a book about kewpie dolls which she hung up over the weekend.  she also moved a few things around.  once everything is set up just right i'll be sure to have mama give you a tour of my room.

until next time...xoxo, ever


  1. My favorites are the zombie baby picture, and the picture of you. I can't get over how that picture of you turned out...it's gorgeous and artistic. It reminds me of a pose that L. Marie would do.

  2. This is such an adorable post!! I love Ever 's zombie picture and I can't believe she's already standing up!! Marcy's baby is a cutie! He totally reminds me of my boys when they were babies with those cheeks and the mellowness. :)


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