the four month old

ever is four months old today.
one major thing i've noticed about her lately is how much happier she is.  
she was such a fussy newborn but now she is happy without being held every minute.  
she laughs, smiles, and "talks" every moment she is awake.
yesterday at her 4 month check up she had the entire office falling in love with her.  one person working there said she won the cutest baby of the day award.  she was so animated with everyone especially the doctor, she loves her.  our pediatrician said...she gets bored easily doesn't she.  why yes she does.  as she went through the checklist of typical four month old milestones i answered yes to every one, and when she asked about rolling from tummy to back i answered with she's already rolling back to tummy.  dr. lafredo just chuckled and said oh that's typically a six month milestone.  yeah well once again proof that our girl doesn't like being limited by her baby body.  after the discussion ever got a couple shots and i heard a cry from her i've never heard.  it was even worse than the last round of shots.  she actually screamed like a scream from a horror film.  i felt so bad for her.  it took her a few minutes to calm down but then she was back to her adorable busy happy self.  
i can tell she isn't really feeling well today but it's fine because it gives me extra time to cuddle and kiss her....she is still being so sweet. 

flashing that cute tummy.

visiting yaya after her terrible ordeal and looking rather grown up.

showing off her battle wounds.

our little four month old weighs 12 pounds 11 ounces and she's 25 inches long.
i love this baby girl way too much.
oh and her dad.....well he's equally if not more obsessed.

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  1. I just love her sweet little face! It just gets better and better as they get bigger. Can't believe sh is already 4 months!


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