ever and steinway

my mom came by with steinway today after finishing up at her vet visit.  it was the first time for ever and steinway to really meet.  the big fluffy girl didn't really seem to be too interested in the baby until ever made some of her signature loud squeaky sounds....then steinway looked at her a little different and wondered what she was.  i decided it would be a perfect time for a little photo shoot of the two beauties but since a wiggly baby and dog are hard to photograph this is what i ended up with.  my vision of perfect backgrounds and equally perfect poses didn't really happen, but i still love all of the billions of pictures i got of these two....

i love how steinway is looking at her in this one

ever's favorite thing.....riding on steinway's back.....


  1. Ha - I love it - reminds me of our Christmas Photo's with our border collie Freedom Duke and Lincoln when he was Ever's age :)

  2. Love these two girls...love their gorgeous pictures...awwww


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